The Importance of Grease Traps in Singapore

//The Importance of Grease Traps in Singapore

The Importance of Grease Traps in Singapore

The Importance of Grease Traps in Singapore

There are a lot of businesses in Singapore that require good framework and support in order to establish solid grounds. Plumbing Technology Services, mechanical engineering, builder works and more – these are all needed by businesses to ensure they run smoothly and with utmost efficiency. With food a thriving business in Singapore, there are restaurants and eateries popping up all over the country every day which needs Grease Trap Services in Singapore. What these businesses have in common is that they require Grease Trap Installations to meet the requirements of the Sewerage and Drainage Act (SDA) and its regulations. AsiaPacz was founded in 2012 as an Environmental Service Business to meet the growing needs of these businesses that need a Grease Interceptor or Grease Trap in Singapore. Used water from residential estates, industries and commercial premises (which include eating establishments) is collected and conveyed via an extensive sewage system for treatment. Fat, oil and grease (FOL) are major causes of blockages in these sewers and will obstruct the smooth movement of water in the pipes. Therefore, grease waste must be carefully handled with the aid of grease removal systems.

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Here are some ways that AsiaPacz efficiently helps any eating establishment:

Installation of Grease Traps in Singapore to make your eating establishment cleaner

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Providing grease trap services is one of AsiaPacz’s many specialities, and they also do follow-up Grease Interceptor Cleaning Services to ensure that your premises are always kept in the best possible condition.

It is a requirement that any owner of an eating establishment needs to:

(a) Install a Grease Trap

Any person who discharges trade effluent into any sewerage system shall, in connection, with the discharge, install a grease trap, as the Board may require. The person shall also ensure that the grease trap is maintained from time to time as the board may, by notice in writing require.

(b) Monitor the concentrations of certain substances in your trade effluent

You must ensure that the trade effluent discharged into a public sewer does not contain grease and oil (non-hydrocarbon) exceeding 100 mg/litres in concentration.

Owners are also expected to properly discharge all sewer grease from your food shop, restaurant or eating establishments via a Grease Trap.

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Education on Grease Interceptors, Grease Tanks or Grease Pits

AsiaPacz also educates you on the Importance of Grease Traps, and also the best Grease Trap Maintenance Methods on a daily basis. These include adopting good practices in the work area to reduce grease and water from the food preparation area into your grease trap. Some methods are pouring used oil into a separate container, discarding leftover food into rubbish bins, using a catch basket for the sink and covering the grease trap at all times.

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Recommending frequency of Grease Trap Cleaning Services in Singapore

It is recommended to engage AsiaPacz as a reliable, licensed contractor to carry out thorough grease trap cleaning at least once a fortnight. However, the recommended visit frequency should be determined between you and AsiaPacz, depending on the size/frequency of use of your grease trap.

With AsiaPacz’s expertise in providing top Quality Grease Trap Services and more, eating establishments here can be assured of pleasant eating premises for their consumers, and will continually flourish in the many years to come.

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