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Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Asia Pacz Pte Ltd Collaboration with Back2Bacics

Back2Basics is an organisation that provides basic needs (such as groceries and food needs) to underprivileged families on a monthly basis. With the help received from Back2Basics, these assisted families are able to cut back on their expenses, which are then contributed to other pressing needs such as medical fees or bills. As an organisation, Asia Pacz is always looking, with a keen interest, to give back to the community and help out in every way they possibly can.

On regular days, Asia Pacz is a company that offers top quality services such as Grease Trap Installation and Grease Trap Cleaning in Singapore amongst other plumbing, mechanical engineering and builder works. However, the environmental service company teamed up with Back2Basics this month to pack and distribute bags of rice, Milo, instant noodles, potatoes, oil, canned food and more to 40 families – all in the name of contributing to the needy and the elderly. With the merciless hot weather, it might have been a lot of hard work to sort out and individually pack each ration, but the Asia Pacz team pressed on with the same objective in mind.

back2basics drive singapore

What objective, you might ask? Simply to deliver yet another month’s worth of basic necessities to a deserving household. Asia Pacz, stresses the importance of helping the underprivileged: “We believe that there are families out there who are not that well off. Since we have the means, we should give back. Apart from corporate social responsibility, I think this is also part of humanity. We have to do it – it’s a must for us.”

There’s an unspoken feeling of satisfaction just watching the happiness and gratefulness of the residents when they receive the groceries from the Asia Pacz volunteers. Many residents enthusiastically thank the team for their kindness, with nothing but high praises for the amount of effort they put in every month to ensure the groceries are delivered to the residents’ doorsteps without fail.

Do watch the video below to see more on how the Asia Pacz team spent their Saturday afternoon on a Back2Basics drive:

Asia Pacz – A Walk In a Back2Basics Drive!

Click link to watch Asia Pacz Pte Ltd ( Grease Trap Singapore ) Back2Basics Video

One mak cik (an affectionate term usually used to address an older Malay woman) shared that it has been about five years since her legs have been giving her problems, making it difficult for her to be mobile. This means that it is impossible for her to work, and even a simple task such as going out to buy her daily supplies is difficult. Thanks to the monthly ration she receives, mak cik has been living well. “I have been receiving rice, oil and more so I don’t have to spend on all those.” She shared gratefully.

Asia Pacz is happy to be able to share their time to contribute to an invaluable cause like volunteering for the less fortunate. As colleagues who see each other daily, it is heartwarming to be able to join hands and do all they can to put a smile on the faces of so many families in Singapore.

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