Restaurant and Commercial Kitchen Grease Trap in Singapore

//Restaurant and Commercial Kitchen Grease Trap in Singapore

Restaurant and Commercial Kitchen Grease Trap in Singapore

Restaurant and Commercial Kitchen Grease Trap in Singapore

When it comes to getting the essential necessities for every food-related startup or establishment in Singapore, a Kitchen Trap, also known as a Grease Trap Singapore, should be on top of everyone’s list.

restaurant and commercial grease trap in singapore

What Is a Grease Trap for Commercial Kitchens?

Grease Traps In Singapore are devices placed on kitchen cleaning appliances such as kitchen sinks, woks, and any other drains that collect grease. The proper Kitchen Grease Traps Maintenance in Singapore is crucial in helping to prevent unwanted grease build-up in a sewage system.

Cooking grease that gets washed off appliances or kitchenware every restaurant and commercial kitchen needs a grease trap. Every restaurant and commercial kitchen in Singapore requires one.


Examples of Fixtures in Food Establishments That Require a Kitchen Trap:

  • Pot Sinks
  • Rinse Sinks at Dishwashers
  • Dishwashers Outside Trap Only
  • Floor Drains and Sinks

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The Importance of a Kitchen Grease Trap in Singapore:

In Singapore, sewers carry used water to water reclamation plants (WRPs) where used water is treated so that it can be reused for other purposes. One of these purposes is NEWater. Treated used water can be discharged into the sea without affecting the environment, which in turn greatly helps us in playing a part for a healthier, long-lasting Earth.

Therefore, it is important to counter impurities that could possibly be discharged into the environment. Fat, oil and grease (FOL) discharged from eating establishments are major causes of blockages in the sewers, and if left unblocked by Commercial Kitchen Grease Traps Singapore or Restaurant Grease Traps Singapore, these liquids will pose a danger as FOL continually accumulate inside the sewers. Over time, they obstruct the smooth flow of used waters in the pipes and eventually lead to dire consequences such as the overflowing of tainted water into private premises and public areas.

kitchen and restaurant grease trap singapore

Maintaining Your Restaurant or Commercial Kitchen grease trap:

Commercial Kitchen Grease Trap Guidelines are honestly not hard to follow. In fact, they require little minimal effort if you engage the services of a reliable grease trap company as the latter does all the “dirty” work for you.

However, it does help as a responsible owner of any eating establishment that you consciously ensure your premise is clean and welcoming. This includes your private sewerage system and your Restaurant Grease Trap or Commercial Grease Trap. Used water generated by your business operations should be properly disposed and not cause a hazard of any kind to anyone.

While more thorough cleaning sessions can be left to the plumping experts or contractors, these good practices can be observed:

  • Pour used oil into a separate container
  • Discard leftover food into rubbish bins
  • Use a catch basket for the sink
  • Cover the floor trap at all times

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Daily checklist for your Grease Trap:

  • Check the screen chamber for accumulation of debris that may obstruct flow of used water back into the grease trap
  • Check the strainer or bucket for accumulation of debris that my affect the effective capturing of solids in the bucket
  • Collect debris in a disposable bag and dispose of them as solid waste
  • Check that the water in the grease trap is maintained at the required level to facilitate grease separation
  • Check for excessive build-up of greasy waste or if the greasy waste has hardened
  • Check that there isn’t greasy waste in the inner ring chamber

Don’t forget to also establish regular visual checks on your private sewerage system and Kitchen Grease and Waste Traps Singapore to ensure they are in good condition and not damaged in any way that may pose a health risk or safety hazard to the public.

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